A Letter From Jane

About two years ago, I read the classic “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. I absolutely fell in love with it. The story and the potential lessons that  could be taught with the book. Motivating our kids though to read…especially classics is hard. One way is a letter that will pull them in. If  were to write a letter in Jane’s point of view it would look like this:

   Dear Reader,

          I am glad to hear you are about to open a book that tells my life’s story. Be warned my story will start out sad, for I was nothing but an unwanted relative and mistreated student. But read my story because I am a strong woman. You would explore the limits and possibilities of a woman whether she is strong or not through my story. Still, you would really have to read this book—my story— to see if even I or Currer Bell is right to even write it (the book I mean).

       Oh Reader, you wouldn’t have to worry about too many difficult words for I am literally “Plain Jane”. But I will describe to you an ugly face but a handsome heart I fallen for. I will describe to you a scary dwelling of a monstrous woman. I will describe you the quiet life in a simple village filled with colourful co-characters that love me. I can’t relate with you about fashion through tablets or other kinds of technology but I can relate to you about the fashion of men and women throughout time, which has never really changed. Or has it? Maybe you can tell me so.

     After reading my story, please do write your story for me. Are women still the same in your time? The way they think and love? Are men gentlemen and hopeless romantics too? Does social class dictate your importance in the world? Or by your time any person of any gender and class can dictate his fate? How so?

     I’m sorry I have so many questions but I’m sure you’ll have some for me too. Let’s be pen pals. I hope to hear from you soon.


Jane Eyre