Nurse, Para Sa’yo Ito

*Another trial of my Tagalog writing skills, bear with me*

Puede ba kitang interviewhin? Matapang ka at nais ko rin maging matapang katulad mo.

Sa pag araw-araw mo maghanap sa mga tao na



mga walang disiplina

mga makulit



Sa mga tao may puso at problema pero hindi nagisip na ,ay may puso at problema ka rin

Maari sa career o pamilya

Pero aalagaan mo pa rin sila na hindi mo kaano-ano. Aasikasuhin ang lahat na bagay na hinihingi.

Harapin mo siya o sila na calmado. Minsan mataray. Madalas matapang.

Gagawin mo trabaho mo…siguro passion mo talaga ito, ano kaya nagmomotivate sa’yo?

Ano yun nagiindak sa’yong puso upang gawin ito?

Alive everyday siguro ang buhay mo.

Hinahanga kita nurse, ang kagandahan mo sa loob at yun kasimplihan mo na pinapakita mo

Ang kagandahan mo ay nasa puso at passion mo upang gawin ang dapat ….upang gawin kung ano man nagpamahal sayo sa iyong serbisyo ❤


Online Reading Club: The Site for Bookworms Everywhere

Do you often find yourself curling up in bed with a book after a long day?

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At Online Book Club for Reading,

book lovers can discuss their favorite books and literature topics. There are forums covering all genres of books–new and old. Each month, the members agree to read one book and discuss it. They also vote for the genre and nominate another book for a new topic. These forums are great for teachers to motivate their students in reading especially if its online. They are also fun for any reader who wants to exchange their ideas about literature.

To check out the discussion of their latest Book of Month:

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Another great feature of this site is Book Reviews. At Online Book Club for Reading, you will get book reviews on the latest book or books you’ve been curious about. You can search if there are forums on books you are required to read. You might even find the books your interested in the Free Sample of Books section.

You will loooove Online Reading Club if books are the thing for you. What’s waiting? Check it out now 😀

My Child: A Poem”ish” Piece for my Students

My child is the one who looks shyly upon me

Wanting to ask a question, earn approval, seek attention, or accept comfort.

I don’t know why my child looks at me that way!

Is it because he considers me wise? Does he consider me his parent?

He has no choice for I will forever see him as my child (even if the only possible blood connection we have is through Adam and Eve).

My child is the one who talks too much or laughs the loudest.

The one who runs straight past by you when you told him five minutes NOT to (and TOTALLY out of concern).

My child is the one who pouts at me guiltily when he admits his wrongdoings.

Does he know, deep down inside, I’ll accept him anyways?

My child is more intelligent than me but I will never dare to vocalize such!

He has more creative ideas and potential to contribute to his home than I may ever have the power of.

Does he know that too?

I sometimes see it when his eyes brighten up as he addresses a challenge or presents his thoughts.

I can only hope he’ll one day realize how to use such power.

My child can be boastful.

He can seem to know it all! Or be the leader of a winning team. Or a contributor of an amazing performance.

Sometimes it makes his ego a little bigger than it should.

It can make him a bully or simply disliked by others.

Who can blame him?

For his parent, yes I, have spoiled him so. But my dear, do remember that humility is the secret to true success.

My child is a dreamer

(Sometimes “taking advantage” of doing so in class).

images (1)

He is an author of notes–during discussions–sometimes silly, sometimes good.

An athlete of mischief. An artist of “intriguing” perceptions of his other siblings.

A bandwagon fan of some trend but he has better interests that are more useful.

A comedian (though sometimes I have to force myself to laugh).

The dancer I’m jealous of. The singer of the song, he and his siblings wrote within five minutes. The actor of Drama (Operation: “Clinic”) and Romance (production number: So Your My New Crush).

He is the professor of interesting logic. A constructor of big projects. A doctor to his friends.

My child may have doubted the parent in me. My parental skills may have not been as skilled as his.

But again, he has to accept in my eyes he is my child.

My child will forever be my inspiration.



Movie Review, Reaction = Critique ;)

For high school and college students writing movie reviews and reaction papers are always a brain draining activity. They all size up to the more technical term: critique. Here are some helpful facts and tips about them:

download (3)

A critique is a genre of academic writing that briefly summarizes and evaluates a piece of work.

Where do we see critiques?
*Creative works like movie and book reviews, exhibits, poetry
*Research in journal articles and theories
* Media through news reports and articles

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Format of a Critique
I. Introduction
-can be a summary, question, comparison, and/ a challenge
2. Thesis
-presentation of arguments. Serves as outline for the body
3. Body
-restates arguments and proves them through
*describing the best scenes
*citing other critics
*analyzing themes, characterization, elements of the work (ex. movie: special effects,  book: values, issues of events (ex. Ship sunk- issue: overloading)
*combination of these
4. Conclusion
-summarizes arguments and proves it with an impact to readers

Tips in Writing a Critique
When describing the work, write what the readers should know.
What is it mainly about? ex. a blind boy looking for a parents

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Describing the Best Scenes
-choose the best scenes which suppport the argument. Describe them briefly. Word it in such way which explains the argument
ex. The movie truly showed the theme of compassion. One scene showed a woman picking up the child and singing it sleep. Her eyes closed and the audience knew she would adopt him.

Comparing and Contrasting
State the similarity or differences of two works. Be straightforward. Note: A critique compares and contrasts through analyzing the elements of the work. A comparative essay similarly states opinons of the similarities or differences through supporting details.
ex. The movie and the book are far apart because the book’s plot focuses on the boy’s experiences while the movie scenes focus on the woman’s.

images (5)

What are your experiences in writing critiques? Share now by commenting 😉

Top 10 Things You Should Know about Reading Historical Fiction

Stuck with a difficult book report? Curious about how to write a good book review online?  Or you simply just want to expand your readings? This article will help you find out more about historical fiction books. Here you will discover great information about the genre, its expected themes, character analysis, issues, and literature devices. Handy information indeed for any student, teacher, parent, online writer, or bookworm indeed!

#10 Historical Fiction Download


Historical Fiction is a genre of prose based on actual events and people of the past. It is a fictionalized adaptation of a piece of history relevant to the author and his audience. You can see this in books, TV shows, and movies. An example of a recent historical fiction book which was later adapted into a movie is “The Book Thief”. The book and movie tells a tale of a girl who lied during the World War II. Though the novel’s main character Leisel is not a real person, the events she experiences (such as being prohibited of books that may fail the Nazi name) are actual experiences of people who lived during those times.

#9 History versus Fiction

How do you know if its history or factual? How about fictional? Here are some pointers:

  • Google the names of the characters in the book or movie you have to review. Read about them if they happen to be actual people in history. See if the events in their lives are the same as the book or movie describes it.
  • Research about the events in the story. Was it during the Depression? A biblical event? A political change in a country? You would know by the dates or years the book or move mentions. Extra research will help you understand the fiction and nonfiction of the book or movie.
  • Note that details about the character’s feelings and insights are usually the “fictionalized” parts of what you are reading or watching. The author will try to make you step into a historical figure’s mind or a historical event then make his audience wonder how to react.

#8 Insights on the Theme of Royalty

images (4)

Some popular historical fiction books, movies, and TV shows highlight royalty as a theme. With royalty is intrigue and power. What else to expect? They are about real kings and queens of different lands. You might have watched or heard about The Tudors. The Tudors was a 2007-2010 popular show about Henry VII of France. Its first season tackled the king’s affairs including Anne Boleyn. The kind of power he had for France was also highlighted.

#7 Theme of Love and Lust

If you were ever curious about how your favourite hero or heroine in actual history has fallen in love or has faced lust then you can find it through historical fiction. Hold hands with Marilyn Monroe as she decides whether or not to tempt John F. Kennedy. Find out about the true loves of Solomon. All stories of love and lost in actual history can be found in this drama.

#6 Social Issue of Discrimination

When dealing with historical events, you will discover the author discussing hot social issues the most common discrimination.

Racial Discrimination. This is a common social issue dealt with in historical fiction books. Common periods would be the Civil War, the times of Jim Crow Laws, or even 911. It could also be a theme for books based in Africa or Asia which had several countries suffering from colonization.

Gender Discrimination. Several books about the “first female” to do anything like reign a country or cross far distances are considered historical fictions. Books and films also about the third sex are now becoming more popular.

#5 History Speaks Awareness of Today’s Issues

The social issues that people have faced in the past have a big impact on today’s concerns. You will unconsciously reflect on today’s issues with war as characters of the past also face them. You may want to provide characters information you have today about health. Learning about the past and enjoying is credible due to historical fiction.

#4 Literature Devices in Historical Fiction

Films and books often use symbolism as a device for audiences to analyse. Like in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” shows a hummingbird flying above their main characters as a representative of loved one they must let go of. Words of inspiration by the character or real event may be described through metaphors and similes. The author may also use imagery to bring the past to life for the readers.

#3 How to Analyse Characters in Historical Fiction

(Braveheart is based on the life of Scottish hero, William Wallace)

If characters are based on real people, you can critic if they would feel as the author describes it or beg to differ. You may also point out lack of emotion. You may even question their fictionalized decisions. If they are purely fictionalized then you might want to reflect how would you feel or what wise choices would you have made during the historic changes described.

#2 How to Write Historical Fiction

The best way to write historical fiction is by research. Look for books, magazines, newspapers, and websites about a person or event you’d like to write about. Place yourself in the shoes of that famous person or event as you research about it. Plan the plot very well using the facts as your guidelines. Describe the pictures you’ve seen or imagined but do make sure they are authentic to the real life event. Don’t forget your sources too.

#1 Why Love Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is addictive because it paints colors to events and historical figures it also tackles past issues and will help you reflect on the status of these issues today. Historical Fiction also highlights the themes you’d fall in love with in other genres. It is extraordinary because of the authenticity facts have imprinted on today. So what else would convince you to kick back and enjoy  book or film with the Historical Fiction genre.

Do you know anymore facts about historical fiction? Favorite books, movies, or shows you want to share? Please do comment 🙂

Defining the Space “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates–A Reaction

Hi guys! I’m currently a contestant for: 🙂 [It’s a contest for Filipino bloggers]. My blog is competing for the Fiction and Literature category. It would be totally AWESOME if you support me by: visiting my site, commenting, and voting for it. My blogs (for now) will focus on book reviews and creative stuff I’ve been working on but things for teaching and social issues will follow after the contest. AGAIN, PLEASE DO FEEL FREE TO COMMENT 😉

Okay, okay now THAT is over with…I’d like you to check out “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates ❤ ❤

WARNING: This reaction to the said book is NOT just to fill my blog page. BUT SERIOUSLY, this reaction is made to recommend an absolutely beautiful novel 😉

“Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates is a letter from the author to his son discussing racial discrimination—its history and effects to society today.

It focuses on the life and insights of the author growing up in Baltimore; finding purpose at Howard University, Washington D.C; and establishing a life with his new family in New York. He retells his life to his son and shares his views on the racial issues that surround him. He exposes to readers the truth about these racial issues and leaves the unspoken challenge of how to overcome them.

The book discusses police abuse. Coates reflects on how being an African American means he always had to protect himself, “his body”. He used the current crimes related to racial discrimination like Michael Brown’s. Brown was caught stealing cigarettes and was shot at least 6 times by a White policeman despite complying with the “Hands up” plead and being unarmed. With these crimes, the author wrote about how racial discrimination was brought about and pointed it out its effect today. I for one, could see that police abuse can murder, rape, and empower more violence. Even in Asia, police are the sources of human trafficking and successful drug transactions. I felt with the author the irony: that the police are made to protect and serve the people yet today the mere dignity of their line of work is now questioned.

“Between the World and Me” tackles the American Dream both positively and negatively. The American Dream is called “The Dream of those who think they are White” by the author. Coates describes it as the ideal life in the suburbs with delicious food and happy families. He states how it is a dream that is made unreachable because African Americans are forced to jobs with lower incomes and to live in ghettos. But he also writes that through Black empowerment a new dream can be fulfilled: the dream of equality. Everywhere around the world, we have the hope for the “American Dream” or just simply a life that is peaceful. Through this novel, the cost of what we do to achieve that kind of life is realized. Some do this through over empowerment. Others through protests both silent or rally. Most live for it blindly and failing to see the big picture of the world.

The novel/letter entails the importance of human struggle. Coates gives several beautiful examples of how his people suffered for the Dream. His reflections on the history of the African race puts color to the book. Human struggle is not just an experience of Africans but it is quite universal. It is what we experience every day to find a purpose in life. The way how Coates tells his son and readers how he found purpose through human struggle will be a joy to any reader.

“Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates is a great read for those who love history, social issues, and life reflections. It will intrigue you with its question to the morality of Americans and man in general. It will inspire you with the stories of the people Coates meets and describes as the true struggles of what the Dream is meant to be. It will move you to start acting on how to address racial discrimination in your own community starting now.