Defining the Space “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates–A Reaction

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Okay, okay now THAT is over with…I’d like you to check out “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates ❤ ❤

WARNING: This reaction to the said book is NOT just to fill my blog page. BUT SERIOUSLY, this reaction is made to recommend an absolutely beautiful novel 😉

“Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates is a letter from the author to his son discussing racial discrimination—its history and effects to society today.

It focuses on the life and insights of the author growing up in Baltimore; finding purpose at Howard University, Washington D.C; and establishing a life with his new family in New York. He retells his life to his son and shares his views on the racial issues that surround him. He exposes to readers the truth about these racial issues and leaves the unspoken challenge of how to overcome them.

The book discusses police abuse. Coates reflects on how being an African American means he always had to protect himself, “his body”. He used the current crimes related to racial discrimination like Michael Brown’s. Brown was caught stealing cigarettes and was shot at least 6 times by a White policeman despite complying with the “Hands up” plead and being unarmed. With these crimes, the author wrote about how racial discrimination was brought about and pointed it out its effect today. I for one, could see that police abuse can murder, rape, and empower more violence. Even in Asia, police are the sources of human trafficking and successful drug transactions. I felt with the author the irony: that the police are made to protect and serve the people yet today the mere dignity of their line of work is now questioned.

“Between the World and Me” tackles the American Dream both positively and negatively. The American Dream is called “The Dream of those who think they are White” by the author. Coates describes it as the ideal life in the suburbs with delicious food and happy families. He states how it is a dream that is made unreachable because African Americans are forced to jobs with lower incomes and to live in ghettos. But he also writes that through Black empowerment a new dream can be fulfilled: the dream of equality. Everywhere around the world, we have the hope for the “American Dream” or just simply a life that is peaceful. Through this novel, the cost of what we do to achieve that kind of life is realized. Some do this through over empowerment. Others through protests both silent or rally. Most live for it blindly and failing to see the big picture of the world.

The novel/letter entails the importance of human struggle. Coates gives several beautiful examples of how his people suffered for the Dream. His reflections on the history of the African race puts color to the book. Human struggle is not just an experience of Africans but it is quite universal. It is what we experience every day to find a purpose in life. The way how Coates tells his son and readers how he found purpose through human struggle will be a joy to any reader.

“Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates is a great read for those who love history, social issues, and life reflections. It will intrigue you with its question to the morality of Americans and man in general. It will inspire you with the stories of the people Coates meets and describes as the true struggles of what the Dream is meant to be. It will move you to start acting on how to address racial discrimination in your own community starting now.



2 thoughts on “Defining the Space “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates–A Reaction

  1. ethel jordan says:

    Hey! It’s been a while I haven’t seen and talked to you. 🙂 but hey, this blog is really fantastic. I’ve read your reviews about some books and I can say that those books are worth reading once in a lifetime. The reviews are helpful to encourage readers to read it which would help them acquire knowledge other than pleasure from reading. Thanks for sharing. :] GOODLUCK Christi.


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