Movie Review, Reaction = Critique ;)

For high school and college students writing movie reviews and reaction papers are always a brain draining activity. They all size up to the more technical term: critique. Here are some helpful facts and tips about them:

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A critique is a genre of academic writing that briefly summarizes and evaluates a piece of work.

Where do we see critiques?
*Creative works like movie and book reviews, exhibits, poetry
*Research in journal articles and theories
* Media through news reports and articles

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Format of a Critique
I. Introduction
-can be a summary, question, comparison, and/ a challenge
2. Thesis
-presentation of arguments. Serves as outline for the body
3. Body
-restates arguments and proves them through
*describing the best scenes
*citing other critics
*analyzing themes, characterization, elements of the work (ex. movie: special effects,  book: values, issues of events (ex. Ship sunk- issue: overloading)
*combination of these
4. Conclusion
-summarizes arguments and proves it with an impact to readers

Tips in Writing a Critique
When describing the work, write what the readers should know.
What is it mainly about? ex. a blind boy looking for a parents

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Describing the Best Scenes
-choose the best scenes which suppport the argument. Describe them briefly. Word it in such way which explains the argument
ex. The movie truly showed the theme of compassion. One scene showed a woman picking up the child and singing it sleep. Her eyes closed and the audience knew she would adopt him.

Comparing and Contrasting
State the similarity or differences of two works. Be straightforward. Note: A critique compares and contrasts through analyzing the elements of the work. A comparative essay similarly states opinons of the similarities or differences through supporting details.
ex. The movie and the book are far apart because the book’s plot focuses on the boy’s experiences while the movie scenes focus on the woman’s.

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What are your experiences in writing critiques? Share now by commenting 😉


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