My Child: A Poem”ish” Piece for my Students

My child is the one who looks shyly upon me

Wanting to ask a question, earn approval, seek attention, or accept comfort.

I don’t know why my child looks at me that way!

Is it because he considers me wise? Does he consider me his parent?

He has no choice for I will forever see him as my child (even if the only possible blood connection we have is through Adam and Eve).

My child is the one who talks too much or laughs the loudest.

The one who runs straight past by you when you told him five minutes NOT to (and TOTALLY out of concern).

My child is the one who pouts at me guiltily when he admits his wrongdoings.

Does he know, deep down inside, I’ll accept him anyways?

My child is more intelligent than me but I will never dare to vocalize such!

He has more creative ideas and potential to contribute to his home than I may ever have the power of.

Does he know that too?

I sometimes see it when his eyes brighten up as he addresses a challenge or presents his thoughts.

I can only hope he’ll one day realize how to use such power.

My child can be boastful.

He can seem to know it all! Or be the leader of a winning team. Or a contributor of an amazing performance.

Sometimes it makes his ego a little bigger than it should.

It can make him a bully or simply disliked by others.

Who can blame him?

For his parent, yes I, have spoiled him so. But my dear, do remember that humility is the secret to true success.

My child is a dreamer

(Sometimes “taking advantage” of doing so in class).

images (1)

He is an author of notes–during discussions–sometimes silly, sometimes good.

An athlete of mischief. An artist of “intriguing” perceptions of his other siblings.

A bandwagon fan of some trend but he has better interests that are more useful.

A comedian (though sometimes I have to force myself to laugh).

The dancer I’m jealous of. The singer of the song, he and his siblings wrote within five minutes. The actor of Drama (Operation: “Clinic”) and Romance (production number: So Your My New Crush).

He is the professor of interesting logic. A constructor of big projects. A doctor to his friends.

My child may have doubted the parent in me. My parental skills may have not been as skilled as his.

But again, he has to accept in my eyes he is my child.

My child will forever be my inspiration.




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