Online Reading Club: The Site for Bookworms Everywhere

Do you often find yourself curling up in bed with a book after a long day?

Do you want to find out about the next good book that will sparkle up your imagination? is the website for you 🙂

At Online Book Club for Reading,

book lovers can discuss their favorite books and literature topics. There are forums covering all genres of books–new and old. Each month, the members agree to read one book and discuss it. They also vote for the genre and nominate another book for a new topic. These forums are great for teachers to motivate their students in reading especially if its online. They are also fun for any reader who wants to exchange their ideas about literature.

To check out the discussion of their latest Book of Month:

The book chosen was:

Another great feature of this site is Book Reviews. At Online Book Club for Reading, you will get book reviews on the latest book or books you’ve been curious about. You can search if there are forums on books you are required to read. You might even find the books your interested in the Free Sample of Books section.

You will loooove Online Reading Club if books are the thing for you. What’s waiting? Check it out now 😀


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