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Til Death Do Us Part–An Essay of Sorts

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it is guaranteed you will live to commit and obtain the words spoken called “the wedding vows.”

I take you to have and to hold from this day forward…

We all have to accept someone. We have to hold unto him. He can be a friend who just needs a listening ear. He can be the brother whose mistakes and successes you will also seem to face. Yes, in life, the only true people you can belong to are the people you accept.

For better, for worse

We sometimes forget that acceptance is only true if it is done completely. We are all humans. We are all flawed but we all deserve to be loved. We all deserve TO LOVE. For example, parents can be unbearable but a child knows his parents want the best for him. He can go past his own imperfections. He also choose to love his parents despite their imperfections.

For richer, for poorer

We often set the wrong priorities in the triangles of love. Yes, we have to be practical. But what is the price of practicality compared to happiness? Does a secure life worth the risk of losing the opportunity of joy? In a family, expenses gets in the way of “just being together” the perfect moment. In a friendship, money sometimes promotes pride and jealousy. In a church, it can be the wrong sense of focus to do something good for others.

In sickness and in health

In all odds and unexpected circumstances, can we continue to love? The “What Ifs” are inevitable. What if my child will get in an accident? What if my sister experiences trauma? But the value of enjoying the blessings we do have is more beautiful than the anxieties we constantly face. If adversity does eventually come, we can face them braver, knowing “I was the best parent when things we’re sailing smooth—so bring on the storm.” “I was the best sibling in good times and now I can be one in the not-so-good times.”

To love and to cherish, till death us do part.

We also forget it isn’t always “What about me? Love me!” The problem can be we don’t take time and effort to express our love. It takes only three seconds to remind your cousin (no matter how annoying) “I love you.” Another three to say “Take care.” This may be dramatic but it would be the sweetest words one can say before those unexpected fears happen or life dictates necessary separation.’Til death,do us part, have we loved and can we still love? For it is love that gives us life and purpose 😉

…I love you 😉


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Bloggys 2015: Celebrating Why We Should Support Filipino Writers

Throughout time, history and culture has been shaped by writers. Their descriptions of their lives and social changes are passed out generation to generation.

Jose Rizal, the Filipino national hero, is a writer. He wrote to tell the world about the poverty and mistreatment that occurred during the Spanish regime. His legacy of writing to create change in the country has been passed on to today’s youth. One great example is the Bloggys 2015.

What is Bloggys 2015?

Bloggys 2015 is a blog awarding event that has gathered the best internet writers of the country. Last month, writers have been nominated by fans and friends to be qualified for the competition. They have been nominated in categories like Travel, Business, Religion, Fiction and Literature, etc. This October, these talented Bloggers are grabbing attention of internet users for votes. Anyone can vote for their bet on the best blog. They will be judged by category and popularity.

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Besides internet users, there is a panel of judges who will decide who is the Bloggys 2015 Philippine Champion and Overall People’s Champion. These judges are prominent writers in the society like Donald Lim, Chief Digital Head of ABS-CBN and Maria Ressa, Founder and CEO of Rappler.

On November 21, 2015 the announcement of winners will happen on Bloggys’ awards  event called Gala Night. Bloggers from all over the country will come to the event and celebrate the Filipino writing. It will be an event to empower them and promote the culture.

Why and How Bloggys Supports Filipino Writers

Bloggys highlights the talents and views of Filipinos. Filipino bloggers write about the beautiful places in the country. They share the struggles and successes of Filipinos. They give relevant information and news about the country. They can reach out to global standards with their pieces on business and entertainment. With the Bloggys competition, their works are now more recognized. Writing contests like this sharpens the skills and challenges Filipinos to compete with other writers of the world. ❤


The Kiss not meant to be

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Here’s a sample of my work:

The Kiss not meant to be


Out in the mucky midst, strange smells, and piercing peers

Small compared to the big trees of the Forbidden Forest.

So this is what I get for trying to sneak into Gryffindor’s dorm!

I thought. Oh the pains of unrequited love I must confess!

I should have never wanted to get Ron’s sweater.


I think these thoughts as we march in and towards the unknown.

Hagrid with his silent disappointment still in sight.

Then suddenly the tall gray cloaked figure glides in front of me.

When I see it the pitch of my terror bursts out of me with all its might.

Ready to capture my soul it is, a dementor.

I step back, searching for help, as it seeks my souls.

Looking back at the creature, I instead see

The moments I put down others because of my own insecurity,

The times I embarrassed myself because of great struggles in me,

The words that have slashed at my soul and dignity throughout the years.

The longer I dwell in these dark phases of my life

The worse it gets in stabbing my heart,

The faster it takes to draw out the spirit in me.

I get to my senses, my fingers try to get my wand for a start.

I think of nothing but Patronus.

Webbed feet stomp before me

Standing for each day I’ve tried to stand on my own.

Feathered wings spread to protect my scared wits

Formed by the dreams I’ve fought and still fighting to be shone.

Long its neck, regal its stature—a swan, my Patronus.

Before the dementor could even touch me

To give me the first kiss I’ve always imagined Ron to give

This swan came to save me,

She the epitome of all things beautiful in me that lives.

She being the friend to take the kiss for me, a kiss not meant to be.

Literature Challenge!

What were the figures of speech used in this poem? Can you think of your own? Please do comment below 😀

Bloggys :)

I’m taking the challenge of being part of the blog challenge for Filipino writers by

I’m so thankful that there are contests like this because it really supports and challenges Filipino writers. I mean like hey, how else can we be motivated to get our voice out there?

These kinds of contests shows Filipinos are versatile and are experts in several areas good for business also for world change. I hope I will be qualified for the Voting Phase. I’m running up for the best Fiction and Literature blog.

Here’s an example Flash Fiction piece I promised to write for a “fan” hehe:

Your world and hers are alike. Going out of the house. Both of you working with all your capabilities to earn for your loved ones and a bit of happiness too. Yet one day she stepped out of the house. The trees were calling her name. You may have heard the trees do the same for you. But you’ve probably misheard it. She is different. She heard them out and decided to go out and plant some more. For like a tree she lives for growth. For like a tree she grows for the welfare of all.

—A lady for Planet Earth

Do you want me to write a flash fiction piece about you? Comment on this website and share my blog 🙂 I will do so EVER so happily and FREE 😀

My First Collection of Flash Fiction Pieces

Hi guys! October 5, #Bloggys2015 will announce those blogs qualified for Voting. I hope mine will make it. For now, please continue to comment and share 😀 Thanks ❤


We met a month (or so?) ago. He had great humor! But he never heard me laugh. He says sweet things to me. His words inspire me to continue to teach and write even in my saddest times. But he has never saw me smile. He has never wiped my tears. Yes this is us. We write to each other everyday. I, in exchange, advise him on his love life. I read about his tales about a life across lands. Yes this is us. We are sharing life’s moments together and yet far apart.

–Friendship Online

I know that his ideal day is eating meals with okra for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He has his teaching and book promotion gigs all around the Philippines but his favorite will always be his province. He reads the same book as me because he shared about the challenge of doing so on FB. I know he used to live in a small apartment near La Salle but is living the life in a condo in Ayala. He used to wait for a FX as I’d pass by him on a jeepney.

(Yes obsessed!)

His destination? I’d hope to be the same as mine.

I know his career is his passion. I know because it is painted in each picture and status he posts. As I hope to buy his works or go to his next event, I hope to be a little closer. I hope he can dust off the secret to being a success and inspiration on my shoulders. For I’d shower under it like pixie dust 😀

–Professor Crush

There was once a girl who I was deeply jealous of. She was tall She had fair skin. She had a loving family. Each day she’d go to the same school as me and enter each class with a string of admirers. Oh how I’m jealous of her! I’ve befriended her to try to get my wrongful nerves out. Instead, I found it more irritating that she is very very sweet. She is the friend you can come to for comfort and will mention your name in her prayers at night. I’ve said some hurtful things to her because of my jealousy. There I found out the best thing about this girl–now a young woman and teacher–is that she isn’t just sweet but kind. She forgave the moment I asked. Maybe she would have anyways if I haven’t. I will never forget meeting this person….

–She Gave Me a Heart-Shaped Letter

Do you want me to write a flash fiction piece about you? Comment and share about these pieces, then I’ll work on it for free 😉

Every time I travel, I see this…

I ask you of spare change to please my hungry owner

My owner a mother who has traveled from fruitful lands to beg in this cold city.


My owner a relative of an ill person waiting for him to get bills paid or medicines to take.

My owner being a child who also wants to keep his shelter.

I ask of you for spare change because poverty is a never ending problem like how the world never stops to turn on invisible wheels.

I ask of you: Spare Change for Change…