My First Collection of Flash Fiction Pieces

Hi guys! October 5, #Bloggys2015 will announce those blogs qualified for Voting. I hope mine will make it. For now, please continue to comment and share πŸ˜€ Thanks ❀


We met a month (or so?) ago. He had great humor! But he never heard me laugh. He says sweet things to me. His words inspire me to continue to teach and write even in my saddest times. But he has never saw me smile. He has never wiped my tears. Yes this is us. We write to each other everyday. I, in exchange, advise him on his love life. I read about his tales about a life across lands. Yes this is us. We are sharing life’s moments together and yet far apart.

–Friendship Online

I know that his ideal day is eating meals with okra for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He has his teaching and book promotion gigs all around the Philippines but his favorite will always be his province. He reads the same book as me because he shared about the challenge of doing so on FB. I know he used to live in a small apartment near La Salle but is living the life in a condo in Ayala. He used to wait for a FX as I’d pass by him on a jeepney.

(Yes obsessed!)

His destination? I’d hope to be the same as mine.

I know his career is his passion. I know because it is painted in each picture and status he posts. As I hope to buy his works or go to his next event, I hope to be a little closer. I hope he can dust off the secret to being a success and inspiration on my shoulders. For I’d shower under it like pixie dust πŸ˜€

–Professor Crush

There was once a girl who I was deeply jealous of. She was tall She had fair skin. She had a loving family. Each day she’d go to the same school as me and enter each class with a string of admirers. Oh how I’m jealous of her! I’ve befriended her to try to get my wrongful nerves out. Instead, I found it more irritating that she is very very sweet. She is the friend you can come to for comfort and will mention your name in her prayers at night. I’ve said some hurtful things to her because of my jealousy. There I found out the best thing about this girl–now a young woman and teacher–is that she isn’t just sweet but kind. She forgave the moment I asked. Maybe she would have anyways if I haven’t. I will never forget meeting this person….

–She Gave Me a Heart-Shaped Letter

Do you want me to write a flash fiction piece about you? Comment and share about these pieces, then I’ll work on it for free πŸ˜‰


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