Bloggys :)

I’m taking the challenge of being part of the blog challenge for Filipino writers by

I’m so thankful that there are contests like this because it really supports and challenges Filipino writers. I mean like hey, how else can we be motivated to get our voice out there?

These kinds of contests shows Filipinos are versatile and are experts in several areas good for business also for world change. I hope I will be qualified for the Voting Phase. I’m running up for the best Fiction and Literature blog.

Here’s an example Flash Fiction piece I promised to write for a “fan” hehe:

Your world and hers are alike. Going out of the house. Both of you working with all your capabilities to earn for your loved ones and a bit of happiness too. Yet one day she stepped out of the house. The trees were calling her name. You may have heard the trees do the same for you. But you’ve probably misheard it. She is different. She heard them out and decided to go out and plant some more. For like a tree she lives for growth. For like a tree she grows for the welfare of all.

—A lady for Planet Earth

Do you want me to write a flash fiction piece about you? Comment on this website and share my blog 🙂 I will do so EVER so happily and FREE 😀


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