The Kiss not meant to be

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The Kiss not meant to be


Out in the mucky midst, strange smells, and piercing peers

Small compared to the big trees of the Forbidden Forest.

So this is what I get for trying to sneak into Gryffindor’s dorm!

I thought. Oh the pains of unrequited love I must confess!

I should have never wanted to get Ron’s sweater.


I think these thoughts as we march in and towards the unknown.

Hagrid with his silent disappointment still in sight.

Then suddenly the tall gray cloaked figure glides in front of me.

When I see it the pitch of my terror bursts out of me with all its might.

Ready to capture my soul it is, a dementor.

I step back, searching for help, as it seeks my souls.

Looking back at the creature, I instead see

The moments I put down others because of my own insecurity,

The times I embarrassed myself because of great struggles in me,

The words that have slashed at my soul and dignity throughout the years.

The longer I dwell in these dark phases of my life

The worse it gets in stabbing my heart,

The faster it takes to draw out the spirit in me.

I get to my senses, my fingers try to get my wand for a start.

I think of nothing but Patronus.

Webbed feet stomp before me

Standing for each day I’ve tried to stand on my own.

Feathered wings spread to protect my scared wits

Formed by the dreams I’ve fought and still fighting to be shone.

Long its neck, regal its stature—a swan, my Patronus.

Before the dementor could even touch me

To give me the first kiss I’ve always imagined Ron to give

This swan came to save me,

She the epitome of all things beautiful in me that lives.

She being the friend to take the kiss for me, a kiss not meant to be.

Literature Challenge!

What were the figures of speech used in this poem? Can you think of your own? Please do comment below 😀


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