Til Death Do Us Part–An Essay of Sorts

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it is guaranteed you will live to commit and obtain the words spoken called “the wedding vows.”

I take you to have and to hold from this day forward…

We all have to accept someone. We have to hold unto him. He can be a friend who just needs a listening ear. He can be the brother whose mistakes and successes you will also seem to face. Yes, in life, the only true people you can belong to are the people you accept.

For better, for worse

We sometimes forget that acceptance is only true if it is done completely. We are all humans. We are all flawed but we all deserve to be loved. We all deserve TO LOVE. For example, parents can be unbearable but a child knows his parents want the best for him. He can go past his own imperfections. He also choose to love his parents despite their imperfections.

For richer, for poorer

We often set the wrong priorities in the triangles of love. Yes, we have to be practical. But what is the price of practicality compared to happiness? Does a secure life worth the risk of losing the opportunity of joy? In a family, expenses gets in the way of “just being together” the perfect moment. In a friendship, money sometimes promotes pride and jealousy. In a church, it can be the wrong sense of focus to do something good for others.

In sickness and in health

In all odds and unexpected circumstances, can we continue to love? The “What Ifs” are inevitable. What if my child will get in an accident? What if my sister experiences trauma? But the value of enjoying the blessings we do have is more beautiful than the anxieties we constantly face. If adversity does eventually come, we can face them braver, knowing “I was the best parent when things we’re sailing smooth—so bring on the storm.” “I was the best sibling in good times and now I can be one in the not-so-good times.”

To love and to cherish, till death us do part.

We also forget it isn’t always “What about me? Love me!” The problem can be we don’t take time and effort to express our love. It takes only three seconds to remind your cousin (no matter how annoying) “I love you.” Another three to say “Take care.” This may be dramatic but it would be the sweetest words one can say before those unexpected fears happen or life dictates necessary separation.’Til death,do us part, have we loved and can we still love? For it is love that gives us life and purpose 😉

…I love you 😉


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