What’s Next?


So… I didn’t get in? Seriously?! Haha! Just kidding…

Despite not winning I’d like to thank…

all my voters 🙂

my super friends who’ve been annoyed to vote and made a few clicks to do so

my greatest friends who made it a point to ask their friends to vote for me

everyone who really liked my writings not because they were a friend but because they simply liked it

the loving people who supported my talent 

my family of writers (ted and not)blood rela

my hex family, my taskmasters family, JMSCII, East Village Community Church, internet writing family, essays.ph family…

Thanks from the bottom of my pen 🙂

So what is next?

  • new posts obviously on teaching and social issues now

  • a great hot website I’m also launching

  • cool portfolio samples for my clients

  • reflections, stories, and poems for my fans

Everything will start transforming next week! Questions, comments, suggestions…my wall can be shared :~*


Underneath the Surface

I have a friend named Kenneth 🙂 and he requested for a poem about a strong woman in exchange for a song…its a day late from his request, but I’m a writer of my word thus this poem shall begin ….

Underneath the SURFACE

The sun rises upon us and I rise to her kiss.

She does not know there is something at miss

That something is the fact I know underneath her lips

The fact she will not tell me her heart rips.

Ripping apart due to daily life’s risks.

The sun goes up higher upon as we walk different paths.

Beneath her legs tasked for the day’s math

A pair of feet sore and still walking

Worn on shoes whose age made them talking.

Another fact she does not know that I know.

The sun sheds light on us to see the surface of earth

She sees hardships before she can enjoy mirth

I see her bravery and resilience in her tasks

She molds out works from skill yet she masks

Her true vulnerabilities because of those whom she loves

The sun sets and we meet at last


I embrace her to melt her armor fast

Life’s troubles are not worth her true loveliness

The world’s rules will not outshine her heart finest

I tell her this with my kiss

Underneath the surface of her kisses, shoes, and armor

A woman I’ll love for her fight to love me with all honor.

The Holder of Talent (Working Title)

hey guys! i’m working on this dystopian story and im hoping it’ll be good to publish.

here’s my synopsis so far:

Prishe Vladimir is a shy girl with few friends who unconsiously tells her tale of fantasy and romance to readers in poem form. After graduating middle school, Prishe is forced by her famous director mother to attend California Creative Arts School. Prishe meets new friends who are naturally inclined to their talents. She feels like she is more left out because she has “no talent”. Prishe also feels lost because fact her mother pressures her to find a talent. She feels like it puts her at a greater distance from her mother since her father’s death.

This all changes when Prishe has a dream that she is the Holder of Talents. The Holder of Talents is made to help guide angels and man use their skills in shaping society. She is to be the guardian of Salvador, a young man destined to save the world. Prishe wakes up and believes this is just a dream until she meets Salvador. The two find themselves balancing life between earth and the world of spirits. Their secret lives are put in danger by one of her schoolmates named Henry. Henry discovered Prishe and Salvador transferring to the strange mystical land. He encounters a dwarf who tricks him into believing Henry will have permanent magical powers that will rule the earth. The dwarf is a devotee to the enemy that will try to destroy earth and wants to use Henry to attack Salvador. It is Prishe’s fate to protect Salvador and have the whole world suffer destruction.

Comments? Suggestions? Want to write with me? Comment below 😉 i share my writing space 😀