Millionaire Matchmaker Celebrates its 15th Year of Business

The Millionaire Matchmaker website is now celebrating its 15th year of business. The website was founded in 2001 and became an instant hit in pairing up millionaires and billionaires to singles searching for long lasting love.

The site is the recognized to be the online version of the television show with the same title starring Patti Stanger. Wealthy men and women who see love as a continuous investment have found the Million Matchmaker a trustworthy site to get the best dates that become strong relationships.

Site Features

Being one of the first dating websites that have launched romance online, the site has basic features that have gained several users’ trust.

Complete Profile

The site will ask participants to create a profile. The profiles seen on the site are viewable to all of its users. It provides reliable information sent by the participant. The profile includes:

  • A verified photo
  • Income bracket of participant
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Religion
  • Insights on children
  • Interests in a relationship

The profile is more complete than other dating websites which merely focus on the interests of the participant and not in his or her potential partner.

Potential Partners

The site will feature matches on our account that you may be interested in. it will highlight new members and members with similar interests. The site also has the latest updates of the status of interesting potential partners.

A person can just click the photo or user name he is interested in. He can view the profile details. He will have the choice to send a “free wink” to the person, like the photo, send an email, or add to favorites.

Comments on the profile and a link to similar personalities are also available for every user.

Some information such as the last time a person logged in though is private because premium membership is required.

 The Search Options

In searching for the best match, a user can have a quick search that is more convenient to him or an advanced search with more specific details.

Premium members can get a match with celebrities and certified millionaires with the greatest intentions on love. They get also exclusive offers such as matches that are: compatible, recommended, and reverse.

Being a Member

Millionaire Matchmaker is famous for its members that feature the elite and famous. Registration and set up of a basic profile is free. The premium members though have an upper hand with their search in a relationship. They can pay $70 for a month of online dating. Six months will cost $210.

Users in the age bracket of 18-25 years old take 29% of the site. Those who are 25-35 years old take 33%.

Most users are women who are at least 55% of user participants. Men are 45%.

Premium members get most benefits by:

  • Sending and replying to messages vs. standard users who will only receive messages
  • More specific searches regarding hometown, income, and physical attributes
  • Post pictures of lifestyle including assets
  • Connect with verified users
  • High chances of falling in love online with the exclusive tools and updates

Regular members are completely satisfied with results and often testify marriages due to the site and applications.

Technological Advantages

The advantages users have with the site is that it is applicable to all gadgets.

Here are the statistics:

38% use iPhone.

30% are desktop users.

12% use iPod.

10% use iPad.

9% use android.

Users have noted the personality of the website itself is classy and elegant which is fit for its elite customers.

They find the chatting system most reliable for hooking up with potential partners. They also contact accessible virtual assistants that can block offensive public comments posted on a user’s wall. The website also uses it technology to ensure security. Millionaire Matchmaker makes sure users are not just prostitutes or money grabbers with its verification processes. They also warn members of transactions and fraud ahead of time.

15 Years of Milestones

Millionaire Matchmaker has the right to celebrate 15 years of profitable investments made in the name of love. It has gained a reputation over the years for its milestones such as:

  • Matching up couples both serious with relationships and not flings
  • A reliable questionnaire to bring out the best personality and interests
  • Trustworthy track records of users
  • Hundreds of successful testimonies
  • Marriage is one of the main intentions of users
  • Available first date ideas
  • User-friendly tools
  • Matches that are parallel to interests
  • Great security measures
  • Awesome chatting devices

This dating application and website is suitable for those who are deeply interested in commitments. They will be able to see the site has lasted throughout the years due to its features, technological advances, and actions to complete milestones. Millionaire Matchmaker does not only celebrate its success in reliable online dating but its mission to make the love life of a millionaire or celebrity happy. It celebrates the sheer joy of fruitful love that is quite priceless.

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