How Grit can Transform Your Career: A Reflection

Grit is commonly defined as the combination of perseverance and passion. When you have grit, it can truly transform your career. These are some reflections how grit is a career life changer.

Top Things to Do for Interviews

You cannot become a beloved athlete, business owner, or company staff without becoming successful with the art of interviewing. As a gritty person, you would need easy tips to master your convincing skills. Whether or not the next job opportunity is your first or millionth try towards your dream, it would be best to use the following reminders at your interview.

  1. Read the company or club’s “About” pages online. Read the mission, vision, and a bit of its history. Reflect on how their objectives can be aligned with yours.
  2. For those without experience in a certain field, make your statements focus on your passions which are similar to the employees’. Assure them of dedication to learn and contribute, even in the smallest ways. Remember that without putting your heart out there, your grit to achieve would be wasted. Think on the positive side that you have the heart to try this new challenge in your career.
  3. Have a firm handshake. The firm handshake shows your confidence. It also can show our possible future employer that you can be trusted.
  4. Look into the interviewer’s eyes. You would have to relate to them your abilities to contribute. The eyes are the second best supporters that show you can achieve a company’s goals.
  5. When you are asked about your weaknesses, tell your employer your weaknesses frankly but it is also essential to state how you can overcome them or deal with them. Play up your strengths. This is the most important part of enlisting actions that you can do with grit to make up for your weaknesses.
  6. When asked about your future plans, tell the employer your dreams. Show them how much you love your vocation. Show them that you are the best version of yourself in the present and still will be in the future.

It takes grit to go through interviews. When you feel that you haven’t passed at any of your ideal companies, it is essential to reflect on your actions and words. You would need grit to get the courage and face another set of interviews with your mini-goals in mind. With grit, you would not be able to break down. You would be empowered to land the dream job.

Becoming Part of the Company

Once you have landed the position that you have aimed for, you should lose the grip of your grit traits. Now that you are part of a team or company, you would need grit more than ever. It would be the trait that would help you perform effectively. It would also be the trait that could even get you promoted.

Starting the Tasks

When you begin your role, monitor your time efficiency in doing tasks. Still with the time considered, aim to do the tasks with quality. Don’t be shy to ask questions about your role. Think that smart people make clarifications. It would also make your co-workers see that you are open to guidance and possible friendship. One question you can ask yourself and the authorities in charge is: What could you do to improve? With this question, your dedication would constantly be renewed.

Working with Others

As much as possible, you should befriend your co-workers. They will help you get through the hardships with tasks. They would also serve as good connections if you decide to go on other paths. It takes little grit powers to be true to yourself and open to others.

At times you feel a co-worker is difficult to work with, you would have to measure how much the element of grits’ patience you can maintain. You should analyze if lines have truly been crossed. You can consult the co-worker personally if you feel the conflict affects the quality of work done. You would have to remember your grit goals towards the ultimate dream and keep professional.

Balancing Your Time

Of course, life is not all about work. You must balance your time to fit in your family, friends, and personal interests. The balance of work and these other aspects of your life would result to a bigger aspect of your vision which is personal happiness.

Once you have fixed a schedule of inserting the other parts of life round work, you would find yourself more motivated to achieve dreams. The motivation o d more is n obvious part of keeping your grit levels up.

Making time will give you a throwback on the lesson that grit is mainly about commitment. So your time with friends or family, is a commitment you should always make an effort to actual allot.  Your friends and family would eventually become part of your dream because there are several they can also benefit from your dream achievement.

Creating a Business Proposal

It takes a lot of grit to sit behind a table and perfect your dream business on paper. As you start planning be sure that your mission and vision are aligned with your vocation. You can make your vision goals within a 5 to 10 years assumption. You have to remember that business will not be about earning fame or recognition. You would prioritize what your community and main customers would benefit from the business.

As you begin indicating the budget for each part of the company, recall how you earned each penny with grit. Then remember how your employers have become resourceful in the business. Make your budget prospective based on these hopes and observations. Prioritize high quality as well a sense of realistic ways. It may take time to research on how your business competitors have succeeded, but it would not be a waste of time. You would eventually realize ideas beyond budget management that could help make your business stand out.

Making Use of Connections

The connections you have made in your former company, within the neighborhood, or even within your family will be the main base of your own business’s future.

With your gritty experience of organizing time, the time now should be devoted to meeting up or emailing your proposals to your connections. The main tasks you would have to do with connections are:

  • Find out the processes of building a business within your locality
  • Encourage friends and family to promote your products.
  • Examine how they can help make your business profit with social media.
  • Analyze if they could play a role within the business.

Time management and taking each step day by day would realize your business’s vision.

Investing on Social Media

Social media tools have proven to become the heart of business today. You can go back to your business proposal and reflect on your connections’ advice to confirm the best decisions when using the tools for business.

Several small businesses were upgraded by blogs that inform locals of the products and services they offer. The blogs also present reliable reviews, comments, and shares. Blogs can be easily found by customers because the easily link to search optimized words and tags. Therefore putting up your own business website blog would not hurt your chances of success.

Other businesses have taken shots with making endorsements through You Tube videos. Videos have had various effects on different fields of industries today. It would be best to look up on how videos could help your business.

Another social media tool you must consider is creating Google Ads that would be shown on the most used websites. You can also sell products effectively on Amazon and other online shopping sites. Wherever your future customers look, they would see your business’s promise.

When you mold your hopes to persevere and passion, you can achieve great things. hopefully these reflections on grit will help.


Scams and Ruined Dreams

Trust is hard to gain today especially with high quality services and products that help build dreams. Some people are so desperate to earn money they scam others. This article discusses recent scam news that have ruined several dreams.

Bogus Charities

In Brooklyn a bogus charity called the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation claimed $9.17 million due to a reported research center that was focused on biomedical cancer.

The foundation was established by Zvi and Shlomo Shor. They raised the large amount of money by posting a Photoshop edited picture of the supposed research center. They were caught by the investigative works done by Eric Schneiderman who is an attorney general of New York.

Bogus charities like this one have conned big hearts who have hoped to make helpful contributions. Charities like this can be characterized by:

  • Stating to address recent emergencies like helping climate change disaster victims
  • Endorsed by people with charities of no identification
  • Claiming to cure diseases with experienced researchers
  • Providing ‘information’ on their charities on the streets
  • Asking and pressuring for money by knocking door to door
  • Phoning or emailing need for donations
  • Changing information to donation placement of similar real charities

Fake E-Cards

E-cards have become a trend in sending greetings and thoughts through the internet. Some hav even made into a way of promoting business. Sadly, news has spread that some E-cards can ruin online shopping. People have stated that some links have made them download unwanted software. Others have installed unfortunate viruses.

Netizens have spread the word that the best tip is to avoid opening email of unknown companies or addresses. Advice also states the need to put items in the trash once identified as unfamiliar and completely deleted out of gadget system.

Complains about e-cards were that the cards have been sent when the opposite (or receiving) the card was the chosen option. They were also sent by fake identities. They have links to odd websites. Unreliable Student Services

There has been loads of news that student services to get academic papers edited throughout the year have become scams. These services were emphasized to claim they were recognized by universities and award-giving bodies but the statements have turned out to be false.

Some writers have proven to be unqualified for academic work and supported plagiarism rather than preventing it.

The alarming thing is access to school systems have been provided through the sites.

Site checking before services therefore has become an extra assignment for students who have relied on these services. Rechecking submissions of academic writers have also become a mandate. Eventually students have learned that getting homework done by others cost extra time with checking effectiveness.

Website Copy Cats

A great number of websites have claimed to give discounted NFL jerseys. One example has been Bengal NFL Pro which has attracted users with authentic logos and signatures.

Users though have realized the site did not provide a date for delivery of the products.

Many victims therefore get big international cuts from credit cards without even receiving the items ordered.

Sites that are simple copies have:

  1. Poor grammar
  2. Spelling mistakes
  3. Non-existent administrators
  4. Incomplete addresses
  5. Bad reviews
  6. Too ideal offers and discounts
  7. Reported cases
  8. No apparent government license
  9. Awarded by non-existent organizations
  10. Photos are edited or identical to other sites

Other Scams

Scams have risen over the past 15 years throughout technology. This includes:

Online auctions-frauds would get bidders to buy fake items

Loans and money offers– a small amount to receive false loans

Investments-pretend businessmen claiming investments are worthwhile

Lotteries- fake prizes to be paid for

Fake check scams-checks to wire off money with false purposes and checks

Credit card theft-has stolen about $500 million from online users.

The Law Enforcement

Government officials worldwide have used the justice system to grab a hold of fraud and scam actions.

Illegal access to systems of computers can put a person to jail from 6 months to 5 years. Modification can add another five years.

Theft over telecommunications have been solved by adding heavy fines to its criminals. It could amount to five years in jail.


Computer hacking may lead to three years in prison and additional fines. Those who try to meddle with government institutions may be kept locked away for 10 long years.

Fines vary from country to country but have been considered a heavy price. This has limited crime with fraud greatly.

Scams may kill dreams and throw away cash. The best advice to recognize alarming features of websites or documents. Reading terms and conditions is an essential skill to avoid wasted money and effort. Reports are also encouraged to help this crime be further limited. A person’s hopes to gain the best profits by avoiding fraud involves a few moments to analyse odd characteristics and time to report them in order to make the world a better place.

Millionaire Matchmaker Celebrates its 15th Year of Business

The Millionaire Matchmaker website is now celebrating its 15th year of business. The website was founded in 2001 and became an instant hit in pairing up millionaires and billionaires to singles searching for long lasting love.

The site is the recognized to be the online version of the television show with the same title starring Patti Stanger. Wealthy men and women who see love as a continuous investment have found the Million Matchmaker a trustworthy site to get the best dates that become strong relationships.

Site Features

Being one of the first dating websites that have launched romance online, the site has basic features that have gained several users’ trust.

Complete Profile

The site will ask participants to create a profile. The profiles seen on the site are viewable to all of its users. It provides reliable information sent by the participant. The profile includes:

  • A verified photo
  • Income bracket of participant
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Religion
  • Insights on children
  • Interests in a relationship

The profile is more complete than other dating websites which merely focus on the interests of the participant and not in his or her potential partner.

Potential Partners

The site will feature matches on our account that you may be interested in. it will highlight new members and members with similar interests. The site also has the latest updates of the status of interesting potential partners.

A person can just click the photo or user name he is interested in. He can view the profile details. He will have the choice to send a “free wink” to the person, like the photo, send an email, or add to favorites.

Comments on the profile and a link to similar personalities are also available for every user.

Some information such as the last time a person logged in though is private because premium membership is required.

 The Search Options

In searching for the best match, a user can have a quick search that is more convenient to him or an advanced search with more specific details.

Premium members can get a match with celebrities and certified millionaires with the greatest intentions on love. They get also exclusive offers such as matches that are: compatible, recommended, and reverse.

Being a Member

Millionaire Matchmaker is famous for its members that feature the elite and famous. Registration and set up of a basic profile is free. The premium members though have an upper hand with their search in a relationship. They can pay $70 for a month of online dating. Six months will cost $210.

Users in the age bracket of 18-25 years old take 29% of the site. Those who are 25-35 years old take 33%.

Most users are women who are at least 55% of user participants. Men are 45%.

Premium members get most benefits by:

  • Sending and replying to messages vs. standard users who will only receive messages
  • More specific searches regarding hometown, income, and physical attributes
  • Post pictures of lifestyle including assets
  • Connect with verified users
  • High chances of falling in love online with the exclusive tools and updates

Regular members are completely satisfied with results and often testify marriages due to the site and applications.

Technological Advantages

The advantages users have with the site is that it is applicable to all gadgets.

Here are the statistics:

38% use iPhone.

30% are desktop users.

12% use iPod.

10% use iPad.

9% use android.

Users have noted the personality of the website itself is classy and elegant which is fit for its elite customers.

They find the chatting system most reliable for hooking up with potential partners. They also contact accessible virtual assistants that can block offensive public comments posted on a user’s wall. The website also uses it technology to ensure security. Millionaire Matchmaker makes sure users are not just prostitutes or money grabbers with its verification processes. They also warn members of transactions and fraud ahead of time.

15 Years of Milestones

Millionaire Matchmaker has the right to celebrate 15 years of profitable investments made in the name of love. It has gained a reputation over the years for its milestones such as:

  • Matching up couples both serious with relationships and not flings
  • A reliable questionnaire to bring out the best personality and interests
  • Trustworthy track records of users
  • Hundreds of successful testimonies
  • Marriage is one of the main intentions of users
  • Available first date ideas
  • User-friendly tools
  • Matches that are parallel to interests
  • Great security measures
  • Awesome chatting devices

This dating application and website is suitable for those who are deeply interested in commitments. They will be able to see the site has lasted throughout the years due to its features, technological advances, and actions to complete milestones. Millionaire Matchmaker does not only celebrate its success in reliable online dating but its mission to make the love life of a millionaire or celebrity happy. It celebrates the sheer joy of fruitful love that is quite priceless.

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A Letter From Jane

About two years ago, I read the classic “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. I absolutely fell in love with it. The story and the potential lessons that  could be taught with the book. Motivating our kids though to read…especially classics is hard. One way is a letter that will pull them in. If  were to write a letter in Jane’s point of view it would look like this:

   Dear Reader,

          I am glad to hear you are about to open a book that tells my life’s story. Be warned my story will start out sad, for I was nothing but an unwanted relative and mistreated student. But read my story because I am a strong woman. You would explore the limits and possibilities of a woman whether she is strong or not through my story. Still, you would really have to read this book—my story— to see if even I or Currer Bell is right to even write it (the book I mean).

       Oh Reader, you wouldn’t have to worry about too many difficult words for I am literally “Plain Jane”. But I will describe to you an ugly face but a handsome heart I fallen for. I will describe to you a scary dwelling of a monstrous woman. I will describe you the quiet life in a simple village filled with colourful co-characters that love me. I can’t relate with you about fashion through tablets or other kinds of technology but I can relate to you about the fashion of men and women throughout time, which has never really changed. Or has it? Maybe you can tell me so.

     After reading my story, please do write your story for me. Are women still the same in your time? The way they think and love? Are men gentlemen and hopeless romantics too? Does social class dictate your importance in the world? Or by your time any person of any gender and class can dictate his fate? How so?

     I’m sorry I have so many questions but I’m sure you’ll have some for me too. Let’s be pen pals. I hope to hear from you soon.


Jane Eyre